A native of Wisconsin and transplant from Alaska, I am now living in North Carolina, surrounded by BEES!  I'm up to 20ish hives and it's getting out of hand!  LOL.  Bees for sale - queens, nucs and hives!    Check out my square sale page for details.

Got BEES? I'll come catch and remove a swarm and perform cut outs on old buildings.  If you need bees removed from a structure, you can reach out and I'll help you find someone more experienced.

Please check out my Facebook page for pix, videos and more! https://www.facebook.com/wuerkerbee/

I've been keeping bees for more than 5 years now and have earned my Journeyman Beekeeper Certificate through the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association Master Beekeeper Program. I am now working on my Master! More about NCSBA here: https://www.ncbeekeepers.org/  There is still so much more to learn!

Wuerker Bee Apiary