You Can Never Plan Enough!

October 5, 2020

Hello family, friends, and patrons.  We hope your October is starting off as well as ours here at Nature’s Roots Farm.    The year is flying by and it has happened all so fast.  There are a lot of cool projects being finished up, kicking off and new faces are popping up around the farm.  We have a bunch of new product updates as well as event updates.  Let’s jump right in!

You may have noticed that we are finished for the year with pigs and we are very limited on our pork supply.  You may be wondering if we are getting out of pigs but actually it’s quite the opposite.   We have plenty of pork in stock but it is mainly for our own consumption throughout the winter.  We have gone to great lengths to plan ahead for the year to come and we encourage you to do the same.  We are slowly changing over to bulk pork orders via half and whole pig pre-orders so we can have a concise idea of what our demands are for any given season.  Although we are finished with pigs for the year, now is a good time to start planning for your pig reservations for next year.  Especially with all the crap that has happened in our country over this past year, you can never count on the “system” to ensure food security and you must plan accordingly to ensure your own food security.  \

When the lockdown happened earlier this year I saw the writing on the wall and I made all my butchering appointments for cows and pigs for the entire year.  I have actually made all my appointments for 2021 as well.  That’s how much planning we are doing right now.  I’m not sure how it will pan out but I don’t want to be the farm that runs out of product for our customers.  I encourage you all to meet us halfway and do some in depth planning for your family as well and start planning your pig and cow orders for next year.  We will start pre-ordering for half and whole pigs coming up soon so stay tuned for when pre-orders open.

Don’t be discouraged because I have some good news!  We actually have our last cow processing appointment this week and we have decided to sell some ground beef packages so that you can have one last ditch effort to semi-stock your freezers for the winter. 

Last week I was able to design and submit our artwork to our printing company for the Nature’s Roots Farm second edition t-shirts.  Although the first edition t-shirts are all sold out, we are excited to receive the new shirts this week.  In 2016, we had a couple come visit and volunteer from the Netherlands and one of the ladies drew us a picture of one our pigs and we framed it and have it hanging in the office. I knew right then that we needed to put that on our next farm t-shirts.  We are accepting orders now for the shirts so you can have them with your delivery this week (see design below).  The cost is $35 per shirt as we had to get special printing done because of the detailed artwork transferring to the shirts via digital printing.  Get your shirt orders in while they last! We will have M, L & XL Adult sizes. 

As for projects on the farm, we just finished the new pavilion.  It stands 30’x70’ and we are so excited to be able to hold more educational workshops and have additional storage space.  It’s so large we could have a church service under it.  We are adding a new sink/cleaning area to the outdoor kitchen as well as a deck and outdoor sink and shower to one of the tiny houses for interns, as well as an awning and deck around our dwelling.  I’m milling all the wood from trees I’m cutting on our property.  It brings so much satisfaction to really have a closed loop system beyond food production and having the means to utilize our resources on the farm for building structures and even furniture.  Last month I built a large farm style table for Angela’s birthday from pine and oak that I harvested and milled on site.  Things are really rolling around here.

Finally I would like to highlight the upcoming workshop that is going down this weekend.  The Permaculture Earthworks Full Immersion Workshop led by permaculture and earthworks expert, David Ahlgren.  We were sold out but we had so much interest that we opened up a few more spots.  The remaining tickets available will go offline on Wednesday so be sure to register before it’s too late.  This event is taking the place of our annual fall festival.  We will NOT be selling tickets at the door like the fall festivals in the past so be sure to get the last tickets available if you wish to be part of this spectacular three day event.

Thank you all for your patronage and support.  We are so grateful for each and every one of you and for all the people working alongside us here at the farm. Drop us a line if you want to come out for a tour and we hope y’all have a fantastic week.

Brian Bowen

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