You Are What You Eat!

December 3, 2018

Happy December y’all!  Can you believe it is already the end of 2018?  And just like that another year goes by.  We have been absolutely slammed busy over the past couple months but there has been so much progress made around the farm that there is nothing to complain about one single bit.  We have been very fortunate to have some amazing volunteers come to the farm through the WWOOF program and we have accomplished a ton of projects across the board from garden bed expansion to general cleanup and building projects.  We are super excited about what we have in the works for the upcoming months.   

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You are what you eat?” or “Quality In- Quality Out”.  These are tag lines you read when you crack open that first textbook in a nutrition program or seminar.  At least that is what I remember from the Dietitian Program when I was in College.  Well that tag line, although it may be brushed off by many who come across it, is actually probably the most literal piece of advice when thinking about nutrition and what actually goes into your body on a daily basis.  Let's face it, if we don't eat then we cannot survive.  Our bodies need food and sustenance on a daily basis just for the basic metabolic processes to function properly, which is known as the resting metabolic rate (RMR) and includes all the basic functionality of your body sitting in a resting position.  Then if you plan on doing something other than sitting, your body is going to need some sort of fuel or energy to perform whatever activity you decide to perform.  So what fuel station do you decide to fill your tank up?  Do you stop at Chik-fil-A and grab something to go or do you prepare a home cooked meal to take with you consisting of fresh organic vegetables from your local farm CSA program?

Are you like me and want to perform top notch at everything you do, from thinking to creating to farming and family?  Have you tried surviving on fast food, boxed and canned food, sugary drinks, and basically everything available to us in the middle isles of grocery stores?  In this day and age, most of the population consumes and functions on cheap sugary food.  It is how our food system works in this country and we are immersed with cheap, convenient, junk food.  Our tax dollars subsidize this cheap food system and has been since World War II.  To be able to find healthy produced food for top notch performance, we have to consciously seek out healthy produced food from the sources itself if we want to be conscientious about what we put in our bodies. 

Do you see professional racecar drivers putting regular fuel in the gas tanks before they start a race?  No, they are putting in high test - high quality-racing fuel in their gas tanks for top quality performance; same goes with airplanes.  Airplane engines need a high-octane jet fuel so that all the moving parts can function properly and efficiently.  Our bodies are like machines and need to be tended to with care and love to ensure top quality performance from your basic bodily functions to the work you do and the time you spend with your family.  How do we do this?

It all starts with quality fuel going into your body.  I like to use the following analogies to think about healthy eating:

Top Quality in = Top Notch Performance

Poor Quality in = Disease / Cancer

How do we find fuel that would qualify as a top performance fuel for our body?  I like to encourage folks to find a local farmer who is producing top quality foods.  If you are looking for animal proteins, stay away from the grocery store and find a farmer that produces animals in line with holistic agriculture principles, which include rotational grazing and movement of animals.  If you are looking for vegetables and fruits, stay away from conventionally grown products to avoid synthetic chemical applications and exposures to those foods you are eating.  Fruits and vegetables need to be produced organically at the least and even better if you can find a farm that is producing these items in a diversified manner and 100% chemical free, including synthetic fertilizers.  This is by no means detailed advice for eating quality but definitely some overall guidelines to help you find top quality food for you and your families.

Now we circle back around to Nature’s Roots Farm and we are super excited to announce that we are gearing up for production vegetables and fruit this upcoming year.  Over the past month, we have installed about 500 strawberry plants, 90 thorn-less blackberries on trellis, 12 full-grown production ready blueberries, four new apple trees, 5 new cherry trees and have prepped about a 1/4 acre of more garden beds to be ready for spring planting.  If you have any questions regarding this article, please feel free to drop us a line.  Happy December!_________________________________________________________

Brian Bowen

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