Turkeys for Thanksgiving

November 5, 2018

The cold weather is rolling in quickly so we have been prepping for winter by chopping wood, sealing up our home and many other activities.  We are back into the busy period with interns visiting so this is allowing us to complete activities much more quickly.  We just had a couple from NY visiting for 2 weeks and have another young man coming from the North East to visit for 2+ weeks.  We made some great progress on our Fall/Winter gardens and enjoyed getting to know them a bit more.

This week our kids both got a cold and it's now passing to the adults on the farm.  We were very grateful to have Elderberry Syrup on hand from Norm's Farm in Pittsboro.  You might want to consider stocking up on this if you don't have it on hand.  We have a kids version and an adult version.  They both taste great and can be taken every day as a natural immune booster.  

One area you might want to consider preparing for the winter is by stocking up your freezer.  We have many great bundle options for pork and beef.  We have the below new beef bundle options and many pork bundle packages as well. 

#1: The Grill Master: $200 ($14 savings) - 4 available2 lbs NY Strip; 2 lbs Filet Mignon; 2 lbs Ribeye; 14 lbs Hamburger Patties- 20 lbs total

#2: The Homesteader: $240 ($15 savings) 3 available6 lbs Sirloin Roast; 6 lbs Chuck Roast; 6 lbs Sounder Roast; 12 lbs Ground Beef- 30 lbs total 

#3: The Stockpile $320 ($20 savings) 3 available 20 lbs Ground Beef; 10 lbs Hamburger Patties; 10 lbs Ribs- 40 lbs total 

We are also offering the following bulk options:

10 lbs ground beef- $7.50/lb (save $0.50/lb)
10 lbs hamburger patties- $8.50/lb (save $0.50/lb)

Thanks and we hope you all have a great holiday and enjoy time with family and friends!

Angela Bowen

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