The Lost Have Been Found

September 26, 2016

Can you believe that Autumn is already upon us?  The heat finally broke and the temperature is just right for the working days to ensue.  Not that we haven't been workin', its just pleasant to be outside this time of the year, all day and through the night.  We have been working diligently to keep things progressing here at the farm.  I am getting garden beds built so that we can start to grow more of our own produce and perhaps even have some to offer to our patrons in the near future.  I like planning layouts and designing gardens to grow copious amounts of food.  Although I have been focusing on livestock in the recent past, I have an affinity for food forests, edible landscapes and getting my hands in the dirt.  I can tell Willow has the eye for it too.  Can’t wait till she can start making herself toward the garden and maybe eat some dirt.  That's right, you know why small kids put so many things in their mouths; including dirt?  To build their immune systems.  If you were to research this statement, you would want to look up the “Terrain Theory” versus the “Germ Theory” to find out more information on this subject.

It's been another week in the books with the cows.  The milkers have been moved up the road to another farm to graze their pastures.  When hay bailing equipment breaks, just remember, we have cows, the ultimate bush hogs.  While we have been in the midst of relocating the cows, we had two more calves.  That makes six total calves, four bull calves and two heifers.  Make a plan to come out to the farm and you can meet the new additions to the herd.

Over this past weekend I happened to run into a farmer neighbor down the road.  In our conversation, I mentioned about losing two new beef cows a week ago that were delivered here.  He immediately asked what they looked like.  As I gave him the description, he interrupted me and said he would be over to pick me up in one hour.  By golly he was there to pick me up almost exactly on the one hour mark.  He took me over to his cow pastures and showed me the two runaways.  That's right; WE FOUND THEM!  They made it about 2 miles down the road.  Apparently if cows “get out” away from their herd, they will make their way to the next closest herd.  So our neighbor said we can just finish grazing those beeves on his pasture until our processing appointment, which is within the next two weeks.  Our neighbor has certified organic pastures, so we don't have to worry about any fertilizers or sprays being applied to the land.  Stay tuned for more beef products to be available in the upcoming weeks.

We are now selling homemade hot sauce from a local farmer/producer.  It's perfect to be used as an industrial cleaner or to clean out your insides.  No really, check out Buddy’s Best line of hot sauces.  They are all awesome and were actually entered into the North Carolina hot sauce competition.  I love hot things and think they are all great additions to any plate.

As for the pigs, they are doing fantastic.  We can’t wait to have our first pigs here in North Carolina processed and put on the grill.  So many cool things are gong on right now.  The weather is great to schedule a family day to come visit the farm.  Although we are only six months young, we are continuing to make progress on our property and it's pretty cool to see the development first hand.  This is especially a great learning experience for the younger kids.  Food production of all kinds are great focus topics that should be incorporated into any curriculum.  We are always interested in teaching others what we know especially children as they will be the one's in charge one day making the decisions on how this earth is taken care of.   

Thank you for your patronage in supporting a local small family farm. 

The Bowen Family 

Angela Bowen

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