The Calm After the Storm

October 10, 2016

Hey y’all!  We hope everyone made it safely through the storm this past weekend.  We had steady rains but not major damage.  Its been sad around here the past few days as we lost one of our momma’s on Saturday during the storm.  When we moved the cows to the new pasture, this cow slipped going into the trailer and injured herself.  It didn't seem like a fracture because she was able to get up after but didn’t stay up long.  We were tending to her over the past week but the storm did her in.  We gave her a respectful composting burial. 

As a result of the storm this past weekend and our cow going down, the milk supply will be slightly affected.  We kept the calves with their momma's during the storm to stay safe and secure.  Although we are back to normal now minus the one cow, this week will be slightly altered with the Thursday delivery as we will not be coming to Southern Pines/Aberdeen or Raeford.  We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences.  We are using this as a learning experience and are figuring out how to prevent this in the future.

On the other hand, we are about to process our first two hogs for the year.  These first two pigs will be 100% acorn finished.  That's right!  This is a first for us and we are excited to see the end results.  We are moving the finishing pigs around the oaks EVERY day to maximize the food stuffs coming from the trees and the land.  The oaks that the pigs are finishing under are white oaks.  The white oak is said to have the sweetest acorns of all oaks around here.  We can’t wait for the finished product so stay tuned.

As for the farm, we are chipping away and getting stuff done.  I am building a new garden and small food forest on the side of the house and its coming along nicely.  I have been planting perennial pollinators, a couple roses, garlic, and a couple apple trees so far.  Speaking of apple trees, we are in the developing stages of planning a fruit and nut orchard here at the farm.  We are at ground zero with this project but we are excited to establish an orchard onsite to extend our land use productivity and product offerings.

Every day is a new experience here on the farm.  We have great days and we have days where I want to crawl up into a ball and sink away.  But with every experience, we take steps forward to develop our character and our farm.  I may have used examples in past where I referenced taking steps forward and backwards, but I don’t really believe that.  I think you can only go forward.  Even if you think you are going backward, in the right frame of mind you can turn any negative experience into a positive one and never go backwards. 

Angela Bowen

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