Summer Bounty

July 23, 2020

When you take a step back and analyze your life, possessions, family, well-being, there really is so much to be grateful for.  Everyone has struggles and goes through ups and downs but overall we are very blessed.  Brian and I have really tried to take a step back and focus on a more positive mindset which trickles down to our children and those in our community.  Living each day counting it as a blessing and being grateful for the little things vs. picking apart everything that has gone wrong truly does make a difference in your life.  I read this book recently and it was very helpful and resetting my mind around this concept: The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuels Success and Performance at Work (by Shawn Achor).We are grateful for our customers, the healthy food that we have to offer, our community of like minded farmers to supplement products and the help we have on the farm by volunteers and interns.  We have a new intern that started this week who will be here through mid-December and we have had several volunteers through the WWOOF program which has allowed us to make further progress on special projects around the farm.  If you ever have a day off and want to swing by to see what we have going on or lend a hand just let us know.  We are always happy to have visitors and this is a great place to get away from the city and the daily grind.

Angela Bowen

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