Spring is Springing!

March 13, 2020

Hello patrons, friends and family!  We have had some glorious days over the past couple weeks with some minor chilly weather.  It’s been so nice experiencing the transition from winter to spring.  We have some really awesome things going on this season from finishing in-progress projects to beginning new construction projects, hosting educational workshops with highly experienced instructors, and making our transition into a pizza farm and regenerative education hub.  Stay tuned with all the new updates.This past week we started hosting a new eager intern named Maddy from Raleigh and she will be learning and working with me over the next four months.  Along with the new intern we have been working on an addition to our farm office building.  We also plan to finish the greenhouse and continue with more upgrades around the farm. 

Don’t forget about the upcoming Permaculture Earthworks Full Immersion Workshop instructed by our awesome friend, David Ahlgren.  This is going to be a three day workshop here at Nature’s Roots Farm.  We have limited this event to 30 people and we are almost sold out.  The event is April 17-19.  We are cultivating amazing opportunities that will unlock knowledge and potential focused on a regenerative systems and we are super stoked for the upcoming workshop.

Over the past year we have been moving our model from a production based system selling retail pet food into a pizza centric system.  This is a new concept and we are running with it having the goal to be a farm that produces all its own ingredients so that we can host pizza events using our very own brick oven.  Last year, we canned 32 quarts of pizza sauce from the garden and we hope to double or triple it this year along with all the other ingredients you can imagine from a diversified garden.  As well as our own cheese from the dairy mommas, proteins from the cull cows and our piggy’s.  The only thing that we will have to invest in outside the farm is the grains that we can ferment.  Luckily we have an organic grain mill fairly close by in Graham, NC.  Stay tuned for future events and pizza night dates.

Be sure to check out our website for upcoming products and replenished inventory including yogurt and kefir and beef, pork and chicken products.  Shoot us an email and schedule a tour of the farm to see all the gardens booming and blooming into spring.  Have a great week and enjoy the upcoming beautiful weather!

Brian Bowen

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