Planning Into Action

July 5, 2016

Planning and observation never ceases in any farming enterprise.  We spent a solid year planning and observing this property before making any monetary investments so that we could have some sort of an idea where to begin without spending a ton of money.  We are still in the observation phase of our water project.  There are so many moving parts when it comes to harvesting rain water and tapping into the water cycle to create a regenerating flow of usable water on the farm.  Although every small piece is a part of the whole, it's important to be able to recognize both big picture and as many of the small details as possible when tackling a big project like harvesting water or managing a woodlot. 

This month we are diligently working on using the pigs to clear out the woodlots around our house.  We are moving the pigs to new areas every 5-7 days.  After the pigs are moved, I have been thinning out any undesirable trees or shrubbery while keeping the hardwoods, like hickory and oaks.  After I clear out these areas, I am seeding with different mixes of seeds to see what grows best, from cover crops like buckwheat and millet to veggies and peas.  The first couple of seed plots are coming up very nicely with all the rain we have been having lately.  It will be interesting to see what reseeds itself next year to provide food on site for ourselves and our animals.

It's pretty cool to be able to spend several hours in the day in the woods.  I get to explore and observe our property like a wild Indian and in doing so, I been planning and cutting trails so that our customers, family, friends, and any visitors can also enjoy the breathtaking beauty of our farm.  I am working on getting trails established down to the creek and around through the woods.  Come on out and take a hike with your family.  Just make sure you wear appropriate clothing (i.e. pants and boots) to protect yourself from skeeters and ticks.  

Product Updates:

Dairy Products: We still have limited dairy products so be sure to submit your orders early each week to secure your dairy items. You can start ordering the Wednesday prior to the delivery the following Thursday. With each new calf that is born, we will have more dairy available. 

Beef Products: We are waiting for an update from the butcher but believe we will have beef in stock for next week's delivery!

Natural Tick Repellent: Try our natural homemade tick repellent today for your next country adventure. 

Wood Art: Check out our new wood art pieces that are unique and customized by Brian. 

Quartz Paper Weights: This is a great gift for family and friends if you are into the healing power of minerals. 

Thank you for your patronage in supporting a local small family farm. 

The Bowen Family 

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Angela Bowen

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