New Beef Packages

October 25, 2018

The Second Annual Fall Festival was a big success and we are so grateful to everyone contributed to the event.  First we want to thank our volunteers who assisted with registration, setup, lunch, cleanup, etc. Second, we want to thank the workshop leaders; Mock Orange Farms and Durham Beekeeper Association and our keynote speaker Will Hooker- permaculture expert.  Third we want to thank the vendors/collaborators who came out/provided materials: 1- Buddy's Best Hot Sauce; 2- Doterra Essential Oils 3- Hurdle Mills Feed 4- Bell Farm 5- Weston A. Price Foundation 6- Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund 7- Lindley Mills 8- Mock Orange Farms.  Finally, we want to thank the bands who came out and played excellent bluegrass music: 1- Into The Fog 2- Evan Young 3- Backyard Blue Grass Boys 4- Boojum (featuring Nokosee Fields).  We really enjoyed getting to spend time with everyone and show people around the farm.  It is very encouraging to see the strong interest in people wanting to truly know where their food comes from and connect with their local farmers.  

We also had raffles including a Beef Bundle, Pork Bundle, Specialty Bundle, $25 gift card and $50 gift card.  The winners were as follows: Beef Bundle: Alex; Pork Bundle: Carley; Specialty Bundle: Aubrey; $25 gift card- Casey and $50 gift card: Gabrielle.  Thank you to everyone that participated in the raffle.  Finally, if you enjoyed the lunch you can get many of the items we served including the pizza saucesourdough bread/flatbreadpork sausage and sauerkraut

On another note, we are excited to offer the following new beef packages (for a limited time).  These packages are ready for pre-order now and will be ready on our 11/20 delivery (or on farm pickup anytime after the 15th).  

#1: The Grill Master: $200 ($14 savings) - 4 available 2 lbs NY Strip; 2 lbs Filet Mignon; 2 lbs Ribeye; 14 lbs Hamburger Patties- 20 lbs total

#2: The Homesteader: $240 ($15 savings) 3 available 6 lbs Sirloin Roast; 6 lbs Chuck Roast; 6 lbs Sounder Roast; 12 lbs Ground Beef- 30 lbs total 

#3: The Stockpile $320 ($20 savings) 3 available 20 lbs Ground Beef; 10 lbs Hamburger Patties; 10 lbs Ribs- 40 lbs total 

We are also offering the following bulk options:

10 lbs ground beef- $7.50/lb (save $0.50/lb)

10 lbs hamburger patties- $8.50/lb (save $0.50/lb)

You can find more details on all of our great bundle packages here. Be sure to stock up now as the winter is quickly approaching!

Angela Bowen

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