New Addition to the Farm & First Workshop of 2018

January 30, 2018

This past weekend has been an amazing weekend as we had the privilege to welcome Henry Rowan Bowen to the Nature’s Roots Farm family.  Weighing 8 lbs 8 oz and measuring 21.25 inches Henry entered the world at 0131 am on the 28th of January at the Chapel Hill Birthing Center.  Angela powered through the natural birthing process and did an amazing job the entire time.  Angela and Henry are doing great and both are very healthy.  Willow has also been super excited as she is now a “big sister”.  We had amazing support from both sides of our family this past weekend and want to thank all of you for sending us positive thoughts and prayers.

There is something very special about being a father and witnessing the birth of your children.  Child birth is the ultimate connection to the circle of life within our Universe, nothing else compares to it.  This morning during my meditation I was thinking of how awesome life is in general, especially our children’s lives.  During Angela’s pregnancy we worked very hard to produce the most nutrient dense food to grow and develop a healthy baby.  We did this first by focusing on developing healthy soil to produce nutrient rich grass, forage, vegetables, fruits, and trees of all kinds that all contribute to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  Without healthy soil, healthy lives are not possible.

Along with the arrival of our amazing little King Henry, we are expecting the arrival of a couple new calves.  To ensure the health of our herd, we work diligently to move our cows everyday and provide of highest of quality hay and mineral supplements on a daily basis.  By doing so, it ensures the highest quality of dairy available in this area.  My main goals for the cows are the health of the herd and the land they graze; dairy products are just an added bonus that we are blessed to be able to enjoy.  Stay tuned for the arrivals of our new calves.

Along with the new additions to the family, we are also expanding our vegetable operation this season.  We will be growing onions and garlic primarily for our on farm bakery and pizzeria that will be opening in March.  We hope to be able to sell extra onions and garlic as it becomes available later in the year.  If you are a home gardener and are interested in growing onions and garlic for home use, please look for  updates confirming when we will have extra bulbs to sell (we hope this will be for the next delivery).

Lastly we are proud to announce Nature’s Roots Farm first on farm workshop of 2018.  We will holding a Chainsaw Safety Course that will be led by retired forester and forestry consultant, Tim Harris on February 17 and 18 as well as myself, Brian Bowen (farm owner).  This will be a two day course and will be very in depth and cover various topics.  This course is for all levels but for serious folks only and no children will be permitted to this workshop.   We will be covering topics on chainsaw safety and maintenance, tree felling, cutting, limbing, and general forestry management.  This cost of this course will be $125 and will include all instructional course materials as well as all meals during the workshop (breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday Feb 17 and breakfast and lunch on Sunday Feb 18.)  All food will be from Nature’s Roots Farm and/or farm affiliates.  Space is limited to 10 participants only and there are only 8 spaces left, so sign up soon before it is too late.  

Please find below additional product updates: 

Beef:  We are currently sold out of ground beef but have several steak options available.  We have another cow going to the butcher on the 12th of Feb so we will have ground beef, organs and bones back in stock by the end of February. 

Chicken: There are limited Chicken Backs & Necks left so be sure to take advantage of the 5 PK: Buy 5 packs of backs/necks and save $1.50/lb. special while they last.  We also are making a new batch of chicken broth this week so we have just updated the inventory on the website. 

Elderberry Products: With the cold weather, it's important to consider natural products such as the Elderberry Wellness Syrup and the Elderberry Wellness Syrup- Children's Formula which are great options not only when you are sick but to take on a daily basis to help to build your immune system. 

Honey: We have a new honey product available that is honey with the honeycomb included.  This is local honey from bees raised on an organic farm that uses no chemicals of any kind.  It comes in a 1 lb. glass jar. This honey has honeycomb in it that is naturally made from the bee glands and contains no synthetic/artificial wax products.  It is thought that this type of honey has more medicinal value that comes naturally from the comb. 

Stew: Graham from Fogwell Family Farm made a huge pot of homemade Brunswick stew that turned out great so we wanted to share that with everyone.  So we are selling quarts of the stew that will come frozen and you can cook and enjoy! 

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