Movin' and Shakin'

October 17, 2016

Every day I partake in a waltz with Nature.  Throughout this day long dance, you will see different styles of dance, like when I slip in a puddle of mud, I do the Twist or when I jump over the hot wire, I do the electric slide.  If you drive by during the middle of the day, you may see me dancing salsa in the pasture.  But I can tell you this, if you see me flailing around and it looks like some eclectic dance, just know it’s probably hornets chasing and trying to sting me.  I like to call my dance, Movin’ and Shakin’.  It’s the only way to dance when you live on a production style farm. 

There is always something happening on a farm, especially here at Nature’s Roots Farm.  Right now we are phasing the pigs out for the winter and we are phasing in a fruit and nut orchard.  That’s right, I am in the planning stages of the orchard project.  You are probably thinking, “Another WHAT? ANOTHER PROJECT!?”  Yep, that’s right, I am ordering one hundred chestnut trees to plant in the back fifty acres once our logging project is completed.  Installing chestnut trees is part of my reforestation plan for the pine harvesting project that is about to kick off.  Along with the chestnut trees, I’m strategically planning a fruit tree and berry list to install in the orchard.

My plan and vision for the orchard is still developing as I write this newsletter, but nonetheless I have the location chosen and I am trying to put all of the other preliminary pieces together, like the water source for irrigation, companion plants to install with the fruit trees, layout design to make the orchard look like an artistic masterpiece from an aerial view, fertility plans, livestock and wildlife plans, and all the other awesome stuff that goes into installing a fruit orchard.  It goes pretty in depth when you start to put all the pieces together, especially when the ultimate goal is to facilitate Nature and all of its interdependent parts within the soil food web and surrounding ecosystem.  I do not feel like a farmer at this point but a Biological Motivator (that’s sounds cool too!)

If you are interested in installing a small fruit and/or nut orchard at your home place, late fall is when fruit trees are dormant and is the best time to install.  If you are interested in purchasing a few chestnut trees, we will be getting a bulk order from Chestnut Hill Tree Farm, out of Alachua County, FL.  So please inquire [email protected] if you are interested.  We will need to have the order completed by November 8th so that Chestnut Hill has time to get all of the trees together for delivery. 

As I mentioned previously, we are phasing out our pigs for the winter time and we are taking orders for half/whole pigs.  This is our first year raising pigs in North Carolina and we are ecstatic about the heavy acorn crop.  From my research, oak trees usually produce heavy acorn crops every couple of years.  This year is one of those years.  We literally have acorns raining down right now outside the house.  Our pigs will be 100% acorn finished as well to ensure the most succulent quality of pork you will ever taste.  If you have any questions about how we raise our pigs or want to come out and pick out your pig, just send us an email and set up an appointment to come on out. 

Every day is a new day for us.  Sometimes the days run together and sometimes they seem like they don’t end.  Either way, I choose to dance through my days to keep things real.

Angela Bowen

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