Joys of Parenting!

July 29, 2019

Before having children, people always say, I will NEVER do x, I will ALWAYS do y.  However, until you actually have children, you have no idea what will really happen.  Brian & I (Angela) had lofty goals for what we expected parenting / child rearing to be like.  We often viewed other parents and children and thought, our kids will never do that.  Funny how karma has a way of catching up with you.  We spend many days asking each other what can we do to be better parents, how can we show our children more love, how can we have more time for each other...etc. Every day is a work in progress and every day we learn something new.  We can only hope and pray that with each decision we make, we are preparing our kids to be successful once they step out on their own. 

One very important item that we have stayed strong on is our food choices.  We have noticed SERIOUS changes in our children's demeanor based on what they eat.  If they have more items with sugar or processed foods, they are more hyper, easily frustrated and difficult to deal with. Also, they seem hungry more often as processed food is generally void of nutrients and is mainly empty calories.  

Prior to having children, when we would share my desires for feeding our children naturally and organically, people would tell us that once we had children we would give in to processed food / fast- food because there is not enough time in the day to make homemade meals while working full-time and it's just too expensive. Also, people would say that their children were picky eaters and they just didn't like vegetables or all they wanted was fast food. We quickly learned that kids will eat what they are given, so if you give them fast food and candy  that is what they are going to want.  But if you feed them healthy food / veggies / etc. their bodies will crave healthy food. Overall, the return on investment with staying strong on this goal is more than worth the investment in time to prepare the meals and the cost for purchasing these items by having children that are healthy, happy and full of life.

Angela Bowen

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