Happy New Year from Nature's Roots Farm

January 2, 2018

With this extreme cold weather, it has been a bit challenging on the farm with water pipes freezing/bursting and having to make many adjustments to our home and overall water process for the animals.  But we have been adjusting and getting things in order and are looking forward to the weather warming up a bit in a week or two.   We are excited for the New Year and all of the things we have planned for 2018.  Some highlights for 2018 that we are going to focus on include building a brick oven in our outdoor kitchen to allow us to expand into bakery items such as breads, pizza nights on the farm, etc.  Also, we will continue to work on our forestry project allowing us to have more pasture which will in turn allow us to increase our dairy cow herd.  With the increase in dairy cows we will be able to offer more products such as cream and cottage cheese and of course have more milk. Also, we intend to have additional workshops on the farm on various topics that have been requested by our customers. Stay tuned for more details as we continue to work through these items. 

Another item that we have been discussing internally is NC Sales Tax.  We have been absorbing these costs and not charging these back to customers but they are starting to add up.  Therefore we have decided that starting in 2018 (after the 1/4 delivery) we will start charging sales tax.  We are only required to charge sales tax for items we produce on the farm because it is assumed that sales tax has already been paid for items that we purchase from other farms to sell (ex. kraut, kombucha, chicken, etc.).  Therefore you will only notice this change on pork, beef, dairy and egg products.  We thank you in advance for your understanding with this change. 

Beef:  We have plenty of beef options in stock especially our steaks such as NY StripSirloin & Ribeye steaks. We have had various questions from customers asking to confirm that our cows are 100% grass-fed and get no grain of any kind and we want to confirm that this is accurate.  Some farms will claim grass-fed and still feed grain/sweet feed but we are 100% grass-fed and never give our cows grain for any reason. 

Chicken: Healthy Hen Farms has the following 2 specials still available as the inventory is available:  (1) Chicken Backs & Necks- 5 PK: Buy 5 packs of backs/necks and save $1.50/lb. (2) Chicken Wings - $1.00/lb off.  As Healthy Hen transitions out of their chicken inventory, Fogwell Family Farm will be taking over to sell these items. 

Eggs: Our egg layers are finally starting to pickup though the cold weather isn't helping and Fogwell Family Farm has recently purchased 100 new egg layers though they won't start laying for 6 months but we are working hard to ensure our egg availability improves throughout 2018.

Elderberry Products: With the cold weather, it's important to consider natural products such as the Elderberry Wellness Syrup and the Elderberry Wellness Syrup- Children's Formula which are great options not only when you are sick but to take on a daily basis to help to build your immune system. 

Grandma's Apple Pie: We do still have limited ready-to-bake 9” apple pies if you are interested. The ingredients list includes: granny smith apples, organic cane sugar, organic einkorn flour, sourdough starter, lard, butter, apple cider vinegar, egg, salt and water and cinnamon. Each pie is $22.50. The pies will be fully prepared and frozen, they will need to be defrosted and baked and will come with instructions on how to do so.

Pie Crust: We do still have limited pie crust available if you are interested. You will receive a ball of dough that will roll out for a 9” pie, top and bottom. This product will be frozen and will need to be defrosted prior to use. The ingredients are organic einkorn flour, sourdough starter, apple cider vinegar, lard, egg, salt and water. The cost is $8.00.

Pigs-  Our last 4 pigs are going to the butcher tomorrow so this is the last opportunity to order a half or whole pig for this season. Alternatively we have plenty of pork options in stock to meet your needs. 

Scarfs: With this extreme cold weather, consider ordering a handmade scarf which you can pre-order in the color of your choice.  

We hope you have a great New Year and look forward to your continued support throughout 2018. 

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