Get Your Turkeys

November 17, 2018

We are excited that we have great farm partners to work with in order to supplement products we do not grow/raise on our farm.  As we are approaching the Thanksgiving Holiday, we wanted to highlight the fact that we have Free-Range, Non-GMO/Soy Free fed Turkeys available from two of our farm partners.  They range from 14-20 lbs. and we are very pleased with how they turned out.  We have already picked ours out for our family meal next week.  If you haven't yet orders yours we still have plenty.  Also, we will be saving some for Christmas this year and will also have hams available (as we have already had questions on that).

The holidays give people a chance to spend with family and friends and are also a good opportunity to share nutrient dense foods and to continue to make healthy food choices.  It is difficult with all of the family gatherings and holiday events, but consider all of the great foods you can still get from local farms to make those gatherings and events even more special.  Everyone wants to start the new year with healthy resolutions so try to start a bit early to get through Nov & Dec so that those new year's resolutions are even more attainable.  We are very grateful for all of our supporters and customers and wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

Finally, just a reminder that we have many great bundle options for pork and beef.  We have the below beef bundle options for a limited time: 

#1: The Grill Master: $200 ($14 savings) - 4 available 2 lbs NY Strip; 2 lbs Filet Mignon; 2 lbs Ribeye; 14 lbs Hamburger Patties- 20 lbs total
#2: The Homesteader: $240 ($15 savings) 3 available 6 lbs Sirloin Roast; 6 lbs Chuck Roast; 6 lbs Sounder Roast; 12 lbs Ground Beef- 30 lbs total 
#3: The Stockpile $320 ($20 savings) 3 available 20 lbs Ground Beef; 10 lbs Hamburger Patties; 10 lbs Ribs- 40 lbs total

Angela Bowen

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