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November 18, 2019

Howdy small farm and homestead enthusiasts!  The seasons surely are changing and winter seems to be knocking at our door.  As things are transitioning to a winter climate we have to take necessary measures to winterize our equipment and operations to be able to function as a portable and dynamic unit.  We are currently enacting our cold weather plan to be able to make it successfully through the winter.  Although there has been quite a bit going on around the farm and with our family, we have some really awesome educational and volunteer opportunities coming up in December and in the spring of 2020.

Throughout the month of December we will be hosting some WWOOFer volunteers to learn and help out around the farm.  We will also have opportunities for  additional volunteers to lend a helping hand in turn for some education and one of Angela’s delicious farm fresh meals.  We have a section of the back 50 acres that we are transitioning from a planted pine forest to a grazeable silvopasture.  This project has been developing and ongoing since 2016.  The pines have been harvested and we are in a clearing and cleanup stage, extracting fire wood and clearing areas for more animal disturbance.  Just shoot us an email if you are interested so we can get you plugged in.

Just last week I had an amazing visit with a new friend name David Ahlgren.  David specializes in all aspects of permaculture and earthworks as well as the training and development of the associated skills.  This spring we will be hosting Mr. Ahlgren to teach an earthworks certification course.  This will be a three day course and will focus on the design and implementation of earthworks to be able to harvest and move rainwater across the landscape in order to increase the biology and productivity of our ecosystem.  The date is yet to be determined but stay tuned so you can be sure to reserve your spot in the course as spaces will be limited.  Remember that the information from this course can be applied to small yards to large tracts of land.  So don't count yourself out if you are not a farmer.  This is also a hands-on course as David will teach everyone how to even operate the excavator so that you can turn around and implement your own water harvesting projects.

Not only are the seasons changing but so has the farm delivery arrangement.  For the past three years we have been using the metropolitan buying club model championed by Polyface Farms.  It seemed to work on the surface and we tried our best to accommodate times to mesh with folks’ lunchtimes and what not but we did have a few glitches.  One of those glitches included the amount of folks that were still not able to meet us at a deliver drop for whatever reason.  Another glitch was from a financial perspective and not covering the physical cost of the deliveries week to week.  We were only covering a fraction of the delivery costs with the old model and that caused us to lose quite a bit of money on that front.  Now that we have changed our model to home delivery we have been able to increase convenience for our patrons to receive products at their doorstep and we are now able to cover our delivery costs appropriately. You may notice you do not fall within the delivery range.  However, if you are just outside of the delivery range and would plan to order consistently, email us and we will review if we can add your zip code.  

Order reminder:  The last delivery before Thanksgiving is this Thursday the 21st so be sure to get your orders in for your holiday meal celebrations.  We will have limited on farm pickup availability the week of Thanksgiving as we will be spending time with family.

Brian Bowen

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