Fresh Baked Bread & Order Deadline Changes

June 3, 2018

Hey! It's Angela writing to you all this week as Brian is outside as I write this baking pizzas, bread and flatbread in our new brick oven.  We are so excited to have this functional and have been using it  frequently and are loving the end result.  We are excited to finally be able to share some of this with you as we are going to offer, starting with the delivery on Thursday, FRESH bread and flatbread.  We will prep the bread on Tuesday, bake it on Wednesday and send it out fresh with the delivery on Thursday.  This is naturally leavened sourdough bread so for those that struggle with Gluten / Celiac issues, we have heard this bread is easier to digest and therefore may work for you.   

We have many exciting things going on around the farm including new guineas which will help with the tick / insect population; new ducklings which we are going to try out to see if we can get some duck eggs and to enjoy our small ponds; new piglets which are growing nicely for Fall/Winter harvesting; new calves allowing us to offer more dairy products and soon to be new chicks to continue with Fogwell Family Farms bi-monthly chicken processing initiative.  Continuing on the thought of chickens, Fogwell Family Farm processed their first batch of 100 chickens and we are now fully stocked on whole birds and cut-up options (ex. breast, tender, thighs, etc.)  Note: Organs sell out quickly so if you don't see what you want stay tuned as they is processing another 100 chickens in a few weeks. 

We wanted to take a minute as well to talk about the delivery process.  We are constantly trying to find ways to improve and make the delivery process more seamless.  Because of this we are going to now have the order deadline Monday before the delivery at midnight instead of Tuesday which will allow our team more time to prep and pack orders.  Also, with the 30 minute window we have for picking up orders, we believe this is sufficient time for our customers to come to the drop and get their items.  Therefore, if you have not made it to the drop during this window our driver will no longer be able to wait and will not call to confirm where you are.  When he waits this makes him late for the next drop location.  There is a $10 restocking fee for orders not picked up as this is an added effort on our part to ensure the items stay cold for the return trip, to put them back in the freezers, add these items back to the website, etc.  Thank you for your understanding! 

Finally, regarding the jar return; we wanted to quickly remind everyone that we will only accept jars that are rinsed / cleaned out.  If a jar sits out for a period of time with the milk drying in it, it is much more difficult to clean / sanitize and the jars have a foul odor.  Therefore, we have informed our driver to not accept the jars if they are dirty.  Most all of you do an excellent job of returning the jars clean but there are few issues we have had recently so we wanted to mention this.  Also, we do not need the plastic lids back because we have decided to use new lids each time going forward. 

Breaking of the Bread

May 21st, 2018

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May 6th, 2018

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Apr 24th, 2018