Finally: Cream, Sour Cream, Cottage Cheese, Whey and Buttermilk is here!

May 6, 2018

From Death Culture to Life Culture:
Good day my fellow readers!  Brian Bowen here from Nature’s Roots Farm enjoying a stormy Sunday afternoon.  I am sure grateful for today’s rains as are all the plants, trees and vegetables that are growing here on the farm.  Since the New Year, I have made it a resolution of mine to disconnect myself from most to all mainstream media and social news sources because I realized everything out there was nothing but junk from the television to internet news.  The other day I was getting a couple new tires put on one of our trucks and as I was waiting for my truck the news was on in the waiting room.  I was completely shocked and disgusted with the ten minutes of news reports that I listened to.  The local news anchors on that particular station were running through a list of local news reports and I swear it was full of reports about death, corruption and drug charges to name a few.  I thought to myself, no wonder so many people are scared to death about everything little thing this day in age, the media scares that crap out of its viewers.  It sure solidified my New Year’s resolution of eliminating mainstream news from my life. 

After seeing the news that day in the tire shop, I got to thinking about society in general.  I strongly feel that our culture and society is consumed with the concept of “Death.”  For example as we are in the age of technology and video games, kids are bombarded with advertisements enticing them to play games consuming their little minds with death, which sets the stage for further development of the social acceptance of death.  From a political standpoint, how many times a week do you hear about all the death going on in foreign lands on the military front?  How many times do you hear reports about political corruption?  How much negativity is portrayed about the government in general through the media?  It seems the Liberals want to “END” the Trump regime.  (I am just giving an example, I don't care for either liberal or conservative parties as I am a stark libertarian.)  In the medical industry everything must be completely sterile from your hands to the cancerous cells in your bodies.   Then there is the agricultural standpoint which I am most concerned with here.  Our country financially supports and operates a conventional food production model.  When it comes to growing plant based foods, the land must be sterile of all life to be able to grow your target crop.  The largest herbicide used in the United States and globally is Glyphosate, which is also the active ingredient in Roundup, Monsanto’s leading herbicidal product.  According to a Newsweek report in February of 2016, Americans have applied 1.8 million tons of glyphosate on our land since 1974.  The article then goes on to say that the compound is now ubiquitous in this day in age and there is no escaping it: This is an example of how long these practices of sterilizing the land goes back to.    Also, here is a video of the former President of Green Peace Canada who said it was so safe you could drink it until he was asked to actually drink some: This is scary stuff.  On a side note I encourage you to do some research on glyphosate if you do not already know what this is.

The point here is that death is the basis for beginning any crops in a conventional system.  Finally there is the food that is sold to consumers in our country.  Canned food is sterilized via pasteurization as well as all dairy products.  Spices and all pork now sold in this country go through a process of UV sterilization known as irradiation.  Basically our food is DEAD.  How can we get away from this?  How can we promote a culture and society facilitating Life and fostering long term relationships with our families, our ecosystem, and our neighbors?  From a food standpoint, find a farmer in your region that produces food that is “alive” with nutrients and taste and not dead and sterile.  Plant a perennial vegetable garden or fruit tree in your yard to enjoy year after year production for you and your family.  Start having bbq’s and inviting your neighbors to be able to build regenerating relationships.  Finally turn off the TV.  Since I have been disconnected from the news this year, I have felt a sense of relief and the weight of the unnecessary stress lifted off my shoulders.  I have had clarity in our farms mission and the farms overall development.  It's time to make a change for regeneration!
Please find below product updates:

Dairy: We finally have plenty of milk so not only do we have no limit on the # of gallons you can order as well as 3 Pack Yogurt and 3 Pack Kefir.  Also, we are now offering fresh creamsour creambuttermilkcottage cheese and whey! We are excited to now have all of these products available and would love to hear your feedback if you try them. 

Eggs: We have plenty of chicken eggs and have a 5 dozen egg bundle pack where you save $0.50/dozen when you buy 5 dozen.  Also, we now have limited pullet eggsavailable by the dozen which are smaller but still very savory. 

Ferments: We have several great sauerkraut & kimchi options as well as ginger beet kvass and kombucha.  We are offering a special on the kombucha where you can get a sampler pack of the 4 flavors we have for $0.50 off per bottle. 

Forest-Fed Pork: We are now accepting deposits for half and whole pigs which will be ready in the Fall.  We still have several great pork options such as various flavors of sausagebaconpork chops and ribs

Garden Items:  We still have garlic bulbs available for purchase. 

Grass-Fed Beef:  We have several great beef options available including ground beef, hamburger pattiesbeef bologna and more. 

Pastured Chicken: We are almost sold out of our chicken inventory and only have a few 13 piece cut ups and wings left. We have a new batch of chickens on pasture that will be ready for processing in the end of this month.

Poultry:  Other poultry options that we offer are Whole DuckDuck Breast and Whole Rabbit

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