Farms vs. Grocery Stores

October 9, 2017

Brian created this video to share with everyone this week: 

Also, you may have noticed that we have most all items back in stock from beef to pork to dairy products.  We are glad to be able to offer so many nutrient dense foods to our customer base.  We hope that you will consider the idea of shopping at farms vs. grocery stores and notice that it is our goal to be able to offer a diverse array of products so that you can get the most possible from our farm rather than going to the grocery store.  This used to be the way for people to shop for their foods however it has become more convenient to go to the grocery store a few minutes away whenever you want versus ordering online and waiting for the next delivery.  We understand this requires preparation ahead of time for what you might need and buying more in bulk.  However, if you want food that has high nutrient qualities then it is worth the wait.  Below are various product updates for you: 

Bread- At this point we are down to Cranberry Walnut & Cinnamon Raisin for bread options.  This has been a big hit and we are excited to start offering these products directly from our farm in the Spring.  Just a note that if you purchase this bread, it is good for 2-3 weeks in the fridge (must be refrigerated at all times) and 2-3 months frozen.  The best way to serve it is to either put it in the fridge first to defrost and then heat it up in the oven on 300 for 15 minutes or take it right out of the freezer and put it in the oven on 300 for about 30 minutes.  Then you can slice it and serve it. 

Butter & Cheese- We now have swiss, cheddar, mozzarella, hot pepper jack and camembert available for purchase.  Also, we have plenty of raw/cultured, lightly salted butter back in stock. 

Chicken: We now have a new 13 piece cutup option available for purchase.  Also, if you are interested in fresh chickens, contact Graham directly at Fogwell Family Farm (email: or phone: 919-247-6983). 

Cows- We have most all of our 100% grass-fed beef products back in stock as well as sliced bologna

Honey- We had a few customers asking about the honey and we wanted to confirm that yes it is raw and it is very flavorful.  It t comes from bees that have been raised on an organic farm where no chemicals are used. 

Pigs-  We have plenty of pork options available from our Forest-Fed Pigs.  We are also running a special on our pork broth where you can get 2 quarts for the price of one.  Finally, just a reminder that we are finishing our pigs off on 100% acorns/chestnuts so if you are interested in a half or whole pig order email us for more details. 

Rabbits & Turkey: We are excited to be able to offer whole rabbits and ground turkey from Blue Whistler Farm which is located in Bahama, NC.  The rabbits are raised in the grow out pens where they have plenty of room to run and play, have free access to hay/grass at all times, and are also supplemented with a locally milled non-gmo pellet, that is corn and soy free! The turkeys are fed a locally grown and milled non-gmo ration, and are raised on pasture from brooder to harvest, beings rotationally grazed through chemical free fields. 

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