Farm Updates

July 23, 2017

Hey everyone! This is Angela writing the update for this week as Brian is out working in the rain right now over at Healthy Hen Farms with our cows and our new intern Anthony.  Anthony comes to us from Miami, originally from Cuba, and he just arrived today and jumped right in to help.  We are so excited to have him join our farm family as we have so much going on each day and an extra pair of hands will be so beneficial. Anthony is doing our apprentice program so he will be with us for at least four months learning all about our farming  practices.  We are excited to see what opportunities await as we cultivate this relationship.  

Speaking of the cows, they are doing great over at Healthy Hen Farms and are enjoying their lush grasses.  We are looking for new calves to be born in the upcoming days/months as we have several pregnant mamas! It is always fun to see the new calves and watch them grow and experience life. The pigs are doing wonderful as well enjoying cooler weather as they forage through the woods and have constant shade from all of the trees.  

Our largest group is coming close to butcher weight so we will be looking to make appointments in the next month to start processing this group out.  If you are starting to think about a half or whole pig order, let us know and we can send you more details on the order process. In the meantime as we mentioned in the last newsletter we added some new bundle product options for our ground sausages to help move our existing inventory so we can make room for new inventory so take advantage of these specials!  Our chickens are calming down after the predator issues but still aren't in top laying condition due to the heat. We are supplementing eggs from Healthy Hen Farms and Fogwell Family Farm to help be able to meet our customer needs so thank you for being patient with us.  

We also just got 35 new guineas from a farm in Smithfield that hatched and brooded them for us at their family farm for the past 7 weeks so we are excited to add them to the mix on the farm.  The guineas have done an excellent job of reducing the tick population around here and we really enjoy watching them run around. We have a never ending list of special projects we want to complete and at the top of the list now is building an outdoor kitchen as well as outdoor shower/bathroom combo.  This will not only be for our benefit but also for our interns/visitors.  Last year we had several WWOOFers volunteer here, so we want to be better prepared this year to have the resources needed to support additional hands on the farm.  We will share pictures once the structures are up. 

Finally, we have had various requests for volunteers to help out on select days at the farm and we are happy to accommodate that.  Saturdays are ideal so if you have a group of people or just want to come out yourself and lend a hand, let us know and we can find a date that works best.   We also receive several requests for farm tours and have decided to have farm tours one Saturday a month at 2:30pm.  So if you are interested in a tour, please can email us and we can let you know when the next tour is scheduled. 

That's everything for this week...until next week when Brian will share more! 

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