Farm Updates

July 4, 2017

Happy July folks!   We hope everyone is enjoying their summer months thus far.  We surely are!  We have been lucky to have some pleasant weather over the past couple weeks but now the heat is creeping on up.  If you plan to be outside a large majority of the day like us, make sure you stay hydrated and stay nourished.  Healthy food and plenty of fluids will be your lifeline through the scorching summer months.   

Over the past few months Angela, Willow, and I have been flying solo here on the farm making things happen.  We have had some periodic help from some friends that come by once a week and the help has been greatly appreciated.  Just last week we finalized interviews with a new intern candidate that will be arriving on July 18th and will be with us for four months.  We are very excited to have Anthony join our team.  It will be nice to have some young vigor along my side during the days.  You’d be surprised how much extra work you can get done with a pair of extra hands.

At the moment most of my time is spent with the daily chores of milking and moving the cows, clearing brush to move the pigs, seeding cover crops behind the pigs, and moving the chickens.  I am running the bandsaw mill a few hours a week and any extra time is spent in the garden and orchard.  Aside from the animal upkeep and intensive management, our other peripheral projects have subsided until the pigs start going to the processor.  Speaking of the pigs, I just had an awesome meeting with our butcher a few weekends ago to discuss our plan for this year.  We are happy to announce that we will be taking our pork to the next level this year by adding more valued added products.  This means makin’ more bacon!  That's right!  We have an arsenal of porcine products that will blow you away.  Stay tuned in the fall when we announce our new products as they come available.

The cows are moooooooovin’ right along.  We have a couple mama cows that will be dropping calves any minute now.  We are very excited to have some new little ones prancing around the pastures.  It is always a pleasure to see new life on the farm, quite amazing actually.  Speaking of new life, Did we tell you??????  We are EXPECTING numero DOS!  The baby will be gracing us with his/her presence in the middle of January.  We are very excited to be expanding our family unit. 

The past few weeks for the chickens have been unfortunate.  You have probably noticed that our egg availability has dwindled a bit.  This is because I have been battling the predators that are poaching our feathered friends.  I am actively hunting these predators day and night to protect our egg layers.  When one predator goes down, it seems that three more appear causing a ruckus.  This is something we are trying to rectify at the moment but wanted to keep you updated on why our egg inventory has been lower recently.  In the meantime we are offering eggs from a new partner farm out of Knightdale, NC called Fogwell Family Farm.  Check out the write up on our vendor page to learn more about this farm.

There is never a dull moment here at Nature’s Roots Farm.  If you feel compelled to come out and volunteer for a few hours, just let us know.  Drop us an email and we will make it happen.  If you are interested in coming out for a farm tour, we give tours on Saturday afternoons.  Again, just send us an email if you are interested and we can pencil you in.  We greatly appreciate your patronage and support.         

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