Farm Newsletter 06.27.16

June 27, 2016

It's interesting nowadays how when having a conversation with folks about their food choices, it usually ends on a negative note.  Food is one of the topics that can offend or make someone feel uncomfortable at the drop of a hat when it’s brought up in a conversation.  But what’s interesting to me is that people really don't have the freedom to choose what they put in their mouths.  For the general population, it seems that the only freedom people have when choosing the foods to eat are which grocery store to go to or which restaurant to sit down to eat at.  Do you shop at Food Lion or Publix, Walmart or Costco?  Do you dine-in at Outback or Olive Garden, Wendy’s or Sonic?  The funny thing is that all of these grocery store chains and restaurants are buying foods from the same corporate conglomerate food distributors like US FOODS, SYSCO, or Cheney Brothers Inc. to name a few.  What’s even more interesting is that all those big corporate food distributors are getting their food from the same conventional food production sources.  They are foods that are being produced with subsidized tax dollars paid out to the farmers that produce the pablum, the companies that process the foods in factories, and the distributors that deliver the foods to the end source.  So again I ask, do we really have the freedom to choose what we put in our mouths?

I firmly believe that there is a major disconnect between the food people eat and where or how it is produced.  I have done quite a bit of reading throughout the past several years on food, our food system, food policy, nutrition, food production, farming practices, and so on.  Did you know that only 1% of this country’s population are actually farmers, and then about 1% of that group are farming holistically or producing “clean food” while respecting nature’s cycles and ecosystems?  Then from a national level, farming, food, and food production (I mean factory farmed food and factory processed foods) make up 20% of this country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product).  So do people really have the freedom to choose what they eat?  Or is what we put in our mouth just conventionally produced food regulated by tyrannical government bureaucrats that are paid off by corporate conglomerate lobbyists that give us a list of what foods we can choose from?

I know the discussion of food and food production gets fires going in peoples britches, but it’s time that we face reality head on, get educated on our country’s foods system, and start to do something different.  I find it quite interesting that since our conventional food system has been developed since World War II, the amount of genetic disorders, neurological ailments, cancers, heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes have sky-rocketed to this present day.  Do you see any correlation with ailments and the food we eat?  Most people don't because they take the food they put in their mouths for granted.  Once you start down the rabbit hole of food and health, you will be blown away.  I sure was. 

I got into holistic food production to be able to truly offer people something different than what the conventional food system offers.  I mean something more nutritious than what you buy at Publix or Outback Steakhouse.  I wanted to be able to offer “REAL” food to my community.  I didn't want to produce products that have to be processed in a factory and have a paragraph of ingredients on the back.  I wanted to produce foods that were alive and that decomposed, not foods that don't spoil for 10 years like Twinkies.  I wanted to give folks the freedom to choose their foods from outside the conventional box.  So that’s what we do.  We are offering a variety of foods for you to choose from, not what the system tells you to choose from.  With good food comes good health.  Check out our website and see how we can help you live a healthy vibrant life.

Every once in a while you may need a doctor, lawyer, police officer, or fireman, but every day, three times a day (for most folks) you need a farmer! 

Angela Bowen

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