Farm Newsletter 06.13.16

June 13, 2016

It has been another great week here at the farm.  We are really nailing down the cows rotation schedule as we are opening up new pastures and pathways to connect existing pastures. It's quite fun, like a real life puzzle.  We are also in the middle of acquiring a new group of piglets so that we can have pork in stock through the winter and spring.  We are using the pigs to clear out some of the forested lots before we go in to thin the timber.  The pigs do a great job of clearing land and they are quite hilarious to watch.  If you have come to visit, then you know what I mean. 

This past week we had a marketing event at CrossFit Raeford to promote healthy living and healthy food and it was great.  We are glad to have partnered up with these wonderful folks to be able to deliver orders on Thursday evenings.  If you are in or around Raeford, check them out.

To wrap up, this past weekend we have been clearing and thinning some of the woodlots around the farm.  We are in the middle of a couple cool projects at the moment such as creating trails down to the creek for visitors to use when they visit the farm.  Also, we are excited to have the bandsaw mill back at the farm as we just finished a job down the road.  We are in the middle of setting up a log deck on our property to roll logs onto the mill.  The goal here is to set up a log loading system to be able to handle 12-22 ft logs withOUT heavy machinery.  If you get a chance, stop by anytime to visit and keep up with our progress.

Product Updates: 

Buttermilk: We have limited buttermilk in stock so get it now while it lasts.

Beef in Stock:
We now have ground beef, cube steak, heart, liver and tongue in stock in limited quantities. 

Pork Organs in Stock:
We now have pork organs in stock: heart, liver and kidney.  These are filled with great nutrients.  Email us for some great recipes for how to use these items. 

Other Updates: 

$5 New Customer Credit:
Just a reminder that first time customers receive a $5.00 credit.  It will automatically be added to your cart when you check out.

$10 Referral Credit: 
For any new customer that you refer, enjoy a $10 credit when they place their first order.  Be sure to have them mention your name in the comments when they check out or send us an email. 

Thank you for your patronage in supporting a local small family farm. 

The Bowen Family 

Angela Bowen

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