Farm Newsletter 06.06.16

June 6, 2016

June is upon us and the year is just about half way over. Can you believe it? As the days go by, the farm is shaping up and our vision is taking physical form. We are busy as ever and excited for this month as we have just added a new delivery route heading out west to Chapel Hill, Hillsborough and Greensboro. We also added a new drop location on the Thursday South delivery to Raeford CrossFit gym which we are very excited about. Along with the new delivery route and drop point, you will notice that we will have a new delivery driver so be sure to welcome David Forte to the team. He will be handling our South delivery route starting this Thursday and Brian will continue to handle our West Delivery route every Monday for the time being.

As the days get longer, the work load gets bigger. We try to take advantage of the extended daytime during the summer months. Although the summer heat warrants a siesta during the day, early mornings and late evening make up for the lost time. Hard work and the ruggedness to farming creates a sense of independence for our family. To be able to create things out of nothing and be innovative on a daily basis keeps us one step ahead of the crowd and another step closer to a sustainable life on the farm. Below is a picture of our four month old daughter Willow enjoying time with our piglets. She loves watching all the animals on the farm, hearing all of the beautiful sounds of nature and enjoying the beautiful landscape.

If you want to experience this sense of innovation and independence, feel free to come visit us to see what we have going on. We always have projects, large and small, that we can use help with, short term or long term. If you are interested or know anyone interested in coming out to visit and/or helping with projects, email us.

Glass Jar Credit:
We have been asked about a credit for returning glass so we have decided to offer the following credits: Pint/Quart: $0.25; Half Gallon: $0.50; Gallon: $1.00. Please note in the comments when you submit your order what glass you have to return and we will credit your order appropriately. We do not re-use the lids so no need to return those. Even though we clean and sanitize them prior to re-use, please be sure to return them clean to make this process easier.

Ground Beef:
We have had several customers asking for ground beef and we are excited to announce that we will have ground beef on the website by mid-July. We will update the website once it's in stock and will mention it in the newsletter as well.

Butter & Cream:
Various customers have asked for butter and cream however these items are currently listed as sold out on the website. This is because we have only been making butter in very small quantities on an as requested basis from the extra cream available. It takes a LOT of milk to get the cream needed to make a little butter so we only make it when we have extra milk/cream to spare. We are working on getting a cream separator which will make the butter process more efficient and we have 5 cows ready to have calves in the next month or two which will greatly increase our milk supply so keep your eye out for these items in stock soon.

Thank you for your patronage in supporting a local small family farm.

The Bowen Family

Angela Bowen

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