Farm Newsletter 05.30.16

May 31, 2016

Farm Updates

Lately time has been flying by and everyday seems to get busier and busier.  The animals are doing great and the family is doing even better.  We have been getting sporadic help to work with us on various projects here at the farm.  The last visitor we had was a young woman from Nova Scotia we found through the WWOOFUSA.ORG website.  She worked very well with us and really picked up our routine right from the beginning.  Even though we only had her help for a week, it was awesome to have her and it looks like she may return for a longer stay in the Fall and work with us through our internship program and also to help with baby Willow. 

Right now we are looking for more help for various projects.  Although we prefer a longer term commitment to work here, we are also open for short term stays (weekends and week long) to lend a hand and learn how we do things at the same time.  Nothing is better than knowing where your food comes from and being a part of the experience firsthand.  Right now we are working on clearing out around the buildings on the property and managing the woodlots around the house.  Any help with these projects would be awesome. Email us if you are interested and we can discuss things further. 

Our animals are all doing great.  The cows are in a good routine with daily milking and rotating to new pastures.  The chickens enjoy their daily foraging and move every few days as well.  The pigs are rooting away in the woods and are getting bigger each day as the transition to new areas and we are contemplating adding another small group of  piglets to the mix.  Moreover, we are looking to add beef cows to the farm as well so we hope to have ground beef available on the website very soon. Finally, our new guinea keets and egg layers are almost ready to come out of the brooder and will make their way from Healthy Hen Farms to our farm in the next few weeks. 

As everyday goes by, little changes are happening all around us.  Be sure to take time to experience the changes, the seasons, and Nature as a whole.  Come visit us and experience the slow transformation of the land here at Natures Roots Farm.

Thank you for your patronage in supporting a local small family farm. 

The Bowen Family 

Angela Bowen

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