Farm Newsletter 05.23.16

May 28, 2016

Farm Updates

We can't believe it's already been 5 weeks since we made the transition to NC. Things are steadily coming together and business is starting to pickup.  The cows are doing well here at the new farm and have adjusted very nicely to a daily routine.  The piggies have been working non-stop on clearing the greenery and are rooting up a storm.  Last week our layers arrived down the road to Healthy Hen Farms to be brooded and we also purchased 75 guinea keets as a natural tick control that are also in the brooder at Healthy Hen Farms.  The laying hens will start to lay eggs in about 21 weeks so be looking for our eggs on the website in the Fall.  Although we do not currently have enough eggs to sell from our 6 chickens at the moment, we are getting soy-free, certified organic eggs from Healthy Hen Farms to supplement until our layers are producing so you can find those on our website now. 

Along with all the livestock management going on here, I am extra excited about the band saw mill business just getting off the ground.  There is an older fella down the road that is a former logger who is showing me the ropes on how to harvest and saw timber.  When most people think of tree loggers, they think of clear cutting a piece of property and leaving nothing behind except open land and exposed soil.  Here atNature’s Roots Farm, we are taking a different approach to forestry and using holistic land management practices to choose trees to cut to allow the bigger and healthier trees to grow and express themselves to their fullest potential.  What we want here at the farm is to be able to have harvest-able timber and viable fruit, nut, and legume trees for our future generations.  It is hard to explain in words unless you are working along side of us, but we find joy in our hearts to be able to farm the forest and produce nutrient dense foods for our animals and our customers.

We are also very excited to be expanding our delivery routes so that we can reach more families in the surrounding areas.  We hope that we are now in a city near you so that you can have the opportunity to try our nutrient dense foods.  If not, definitely send us an email and let us know where you are located and we will see what we can to do to get a delivery route near you. 

Thank you for your patronage in supporting a local small family farm. 

The Bowen Family 

Angela Bowen

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