Farm Newsletter 05.16.16

May 17, 2016

Another week down in the books and Nature's Roots Farm is rockin' and rollin'!!  The cows and chickens are doing great and we added a group of nine pigs to the mix.  I felt like I was missing something the first month here on the new farm and when I got my first group of pigs, my soul felt complete.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my cows and laying hens but something about the pigs just invigorates me and puts a smile on my face every day I check on them.  

I think the pigs have great potential to help me do some cleaning and clearing to knock back some of the 20 year overgrowth as most of acreage on the property is wooded and/or overgrown.  My plan is to clean up the woodlots around the farm using the pigs as the first level of action.  Then after the pigs move on through, I plan to implement holistic woodlot management using techniques that I have been learning throughout the past couple of years.  This will help open up some of the big oaks and nut producing trees while allowing me to harvest some timber for the band saw mill.  As this plan unfolds, my ultimate goal is to manicure the land to have a picturesque oak savanna which will open up more grazing space for the cows and have the mature oak trees to put down acorns for the pigs.

The pigs will take 6 months to grow out to full size.  So if you are interested in reserving a half or whole pig, be sure to submit your deposit now online as we will have limited availability. In the meantime, we have plenty of forest-fed pork in stock.  As well, we have many great dairy options and chicken options thanks to a partnership with Healthy Hen Farms.

Thank you for your patronage in supporting a local small family farm. 

The Bowen Family 

Angela Bowen

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