Farm Newsletter 05.07.16

May 17, 2016

Well it’s been three weeks since we have moved up to the new farm and we seem to be settled in and now we are trying to hammer down a daily routine that works for everyone.  I do have to admit that starting a farm from ground zero is no easy task and frankly it has been taxing on the family while we find our groove.  But nonetheless it is all coming together.  I have been slowly streamlining the daily cow chores, from milking, bottling, and cleaning milking equipment to moving them to new pasture every day.  As Joel Salatin says, “You never want to spend more than four hours a day on your daily chores.”

So I figured out that having a stationary milking stall is not going to be economical on time management in the long run because of the layout of our pasture land, so I am working with my neighbor to design and build a portable milking stall.  The portable milk stall will cut down the time it takes to move the cows to the milk stall in the morning, reducing the overall time for chores and it will keep more liquid and black gold (urine and manure) on the pasture.  I am also in the middle of designing a rain water harvesting system using catchment tanks and ponds to be able to water the cows without pulling from the well.  I am hoping to have something set up within the next couple of weeks. 

You know I have been really amazed with the reaction from my neighbors and community on having cows added to the farm.  Everyone is fascinated with what they see on a daily basis.  Two of my neighbors have already offered their pasture to graze if I needed it.  Although I have not needed to take them up on their offer, I do know that I will have some stock piled forage for a dry spell if or when that comes.  A little milk for your neighbors will go a long way.

As for our marketing and product lines, we are proud to announce that we will be partnering with John McAuley at Healthy Hen Farms in Oxford, NC and selling his chickens through our website.  John and his beautiful family produce pastured-certified organic-gmo free-soy free chicken products.  John is also brooding 50 black Australorp egg layers for us, so be looking out for our eggs in the fall of this year.  John is helping us market our jars with our free milk and introduce our products to his customer base and we are very appreciative of his support in starting our new farm and helping build our business. 

Starting this upcoming week on Thursday May 13th we will be hosting our first delivery.  Our current route will include Durham, Morrisville, and Southern Pines, NC.  Check out the website for more details ( Be sure to put in your order before the deadline, Tuesday May 11th at midnight to be sure to secure your order.  We have plenty of delicious forest raised pork in inventory along with Healthy Hen Farms’ chicken.  Also, don't miss out on our free milk!!!  We are selling quart and half gallon jars with an option to fill them free with our 100% grass fed raw milk. 

Stay tuned for more details on our farm progress in our next newsletter and we hope to have you for a farm tour soon!

Angela Bowen

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