Farm Newsletter 04.23.16

April 24, 2016

Farm Updates

Spring is in full swing, the trees are leafed out, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and the bees are buzzing. It's been our official first week and it's flown by. We have been working on unpacking and settling in our new home. Additionally, we got 6 egg layers from a like-minded farmer in this area which will supply us with enough eggs just for our family for now. However, we are investing in 50 egg layers that will start laying in the Fall. Also, the cows arrived on Friday evening and Brian spent two full days preparing for this by setting up the milking area and preparing where the cows would graze first. We have 8 lovely ladies and a stout gentle bull named Jerry. The cows had a 13 hour drive in a trailer from FL the day prior as our former partner Dennis delivered them to us. After the long ride, the cows were relieved to be out of the trailer and are adjusting to their new environment. Today was the first day we milked and it was a long day but expected with our first time and the cows getting used to us. We are only milking 4 out of the 8 cows at the moment as the others are pregnant and we expect to have at least one baby calf in the next month and then that will give us another cow to add to the milk line-up. We are following daily rotational grazing practices to ensure the cows are on fresh grass on a daily basis. These practices are beneficial not only for the cows so that they have a fresh buffet of forage and grass but also it evenly distributes the manure on the land and cycles nutrients throughout the property. Our milk is not for sale but the glass jars they "could" go in are so if you buy a quart glass jar or a half gallon glass growler style jug from our site, we offer a free refill of our milk if you are interested! :) We also plan to make yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese and cream (once we purchase a cream separator). Check out more details on our website at under the "Dairy" category. Also, we now have various pork items available on the site for purchase. Place your order now and schedule a pickup at our farm at your convenience. Or if you are in a location where there are various families interested in purchasing from us on a consistent basis, fill out this form and we can discuss scheduling a delivery to that area.

Other Farm Services & Opportunities

We are also now offering milling and wood chipping services by appointment only. We have acquired a Turner Mills portable bandsaw mill capable of milling up to 22 foot logs. We also have an industrial size wood chipper that can chip up to 6-8 inch trees/shrubs in diameter.

Additionally, we have many projects on the farm and are always looking for help. Here are some opportunities for how you can get involved:

1. Apprenticeship- See website at

2. Sales/Marketing- See website at

If you have any other ideas for how you might want to get involved, feel free to email us at [email protected].

Angela Bowen

Farm Newsletter 04.06.16

Apr 24th, 2016