Fall Festival

October 7, 2018

Hey! It's Angela here to share a few quick yet important updates for this week as Brian is outside busily preparing for the Fall Festival this weekend. 

First and foremost, we are very excited for our Second Annual Fall Festival that is taking place this Saturday. The day will include workshops, a keynote speaker, pizzas and sausages fresh out of our brick oven, a farm tour and live bluegrass music in the evening. Check out all these great details below.  Just a reminder if you plan to come and haven't yet RSPV'd, please do so here as soon as possible so we can get a final count. 

Second, as outlined above, we have revised our delivery schedule to remove the Southern Pines & Raeford drop locations.  We have also included two new delivery locations in Chapel Hill and North Wake Forest.  We appreciate the support we received from Southern Pines & Raeford customers and look forward to meeting new customers at the Chapel Hill and North Wake Forest delivery locations.  

Third, as outlined below in our product updates, we are now selling whole turkeys for Thanksgiving.  These turkeys are broad-breasted whites that are completely free range and supplemented with Non-GMO/Soy-Free feed.  They will be about 14-18 lbs total and will be delivered frozen on our delivery the week of Thanksgiving.  For that week only, we will deliver on Tuesday instead of Thursday so you will have ample time to defrost and cook your turkey.  We will have limited birds for sale this year so be sure to put in your order soon.   We also have another new product that is queso blanco made from our very own 100% grass-fed raw milk.  This is a must try! Finally, we will have cut-up chicken options (breast, tenders, wings and drumsticks) back in stock at the end of October so keep your eye out for those items. 

We hope you all have a great week and look forward to seeing you on Saturday!!

Angela Bowen

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