Facilitating Nature's Bounty

April 16, 2020

Good day family, friends, patrons and small farm enthusiasts!  The weather has been so beautiful, and we are thoroughly enjoying the climate around the farm.  Working in the morning brings so much joy to my day watching Nature flowing with all her moving parts.  Our ecosystem is teaming with life as we are acquiring new piglets today and some of our mommas are popping out calves.  Rosie Red Cheeks had a beautiful red heifer calf this morning as well.  It’s always such a blessing to walk out to seeing a new member of our team on the ground with her momma.  Aside from all the new members of our farm family, the gardens and orchards are booming and blooming.  Four years of dedicated work on the farm is starting to pay off.

We have been stepping up our game this season in the gardens as well as propagating fruit producing shrubs and trees.  We are starting all our veggie plants from seeds and our bounty is increasing day by day.  There have been some folks interested in getting some plants for their own gardens so if you are interested in plant starts, keep an eye on our website as we will be adding these options soon.  Right now, we have tomato plants coming on strong and will be ready for the garden within the week.  If you are trying to learn how to plant a garden, we can help with that as well.  Stay tuned with gardening videos on our YouTube channel.  We can also offer one on one consulting if you need our hands-on assistance.

Finally, as springtime is in full swing, we are crushing carpentry and saw milling projects throughout the weeks.  We just completed a new addition to the house with a new office for Angela and the farm as well as a second oak slab counter top in the outdoor kitchen around the brick oven.  Within the week we are going to be refocusing on the greenhouse and hope to have that completed by the end of the month.  Cleanup projects are underway around the farm and after looking at pictures of before we launched Nature’s Roots Farm compared to now, it blows me away how much we have accomplished in such a short time. 

As we all face uncertain times ahead, it’s important not to let yourself be terrorized by the negative media reports 24/7 and be overwhelmed with all the negativity surrounding us all.  Make sure you love yourself and your family and stay focused on a positive future.  Most importantly, don't forget the great song written and performed by John Prine, Spanish Pipe Dream:

“Blow up your t.v.

throw away your paper

Go to the country,

build you a home

Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches

Try an find Jesus on your own”

Brian Bowen

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