Cooler Weather

September 7, 2020

Last newsletter, we discussed the difficulties of working in hot/humid temperatures and this newsletter we are excited to finally have cooler evenings and more manageable temperatures during the day.  As we heat with a wood stove in the house and we have a brick oven outdoors to cook our breads, we cut firewood almost year round.  We learned quickly that if we don't prepare early, winter will surprise us and we won't be ready.  Each year we get better at being prepared and planning in advance. Cooler temperatures mean we are preparing for Fall/Winter crops and more importantly our Permaculture Earthworks Full Immersion Workshop is just around the corner. It will take place the weekend of October 9th and we do still have a few spots left.  If you haven't yet RSPV'd please do so ASAP to secure your spot.  We hope to see you there as it will be a very educational and collaborative event.

Angela Bowen

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