Connecting with your local food community

April 21, 2019

Once upon a time, there was farmer that tended a plot of land.  This farmer raised 100% grass-fed cows that provided the local community with super healthy food to eat throughout the years.  The local restaurants supported the local farmer and the community thrived with healthy and happy neighbors. 

Farmers danced and pranced with glee and happiness as products flowed throughout the community.  There were groups of folks who enjoyed 100% grass fed beef and others who enjoyed fresh milk.  There were those that loved the yogurt.  Then there were those that raved about the kefir.  (Kefir smoothies will change your life!)

The key to living a happy and well-rounded life is centered around healthy food.  Finding a group of farms or a single farm to support your lifestyle is the way to food autonomy. 

Can you imagine someone dictating the food that you ingest?  Someone mandating you to eat specific foods to make you “feel healthy”.  Can you imagine having only one source of food to buy from? What if you could only buy food from huge conglomerates like Walmart or Costco?  Do you really think they take your health and well-being into consideration?  Would that truly make you feel like you had control of your life? 

If we bond together, we can increase our health profile as a community and truly make a difference with the healthy / local food movement. There are many small farmers that do truly care about you and not just their bottom dollar. They are working hard to make a difference in the local community and improve healthy food choices. Websites like and are just a few that have directories of local farmers.   Take the initiative and make a connection with your local farmer today.  Rather than focusing on convenience and price, instead focus on quality and nutrient-density and see the difference it will make in your life overall.

Brian Bowen

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