Chicken Cut-Ups Back in Stock

May 20, 2019

Good day friends, family, and patrons of Nature’s Roots Farm!  It's starting to get a little warm around here but we aren’t complaining as this spring has been a beautiful and bountiful one so far.  We are hustlin’ and bustlin’ around the farm and making things happen.  We are taking advantage of the longer daylight hours and starting our days at 0500 and we end around 1800.  Seems like super long hours but the time passes quickly when you are having a blast.

Here at Nature’s Roots Farm we are implementing all types of different regenerative and sustainable systems everywhere you look, like small catch ponds and swales for diverting water into the garden areas and pastures, installing edible landscapes everywhere you look, and moving the animals all around the property for a multitude of reasons.  The cool thing about this place is that we get to be creative and innovative.  When I look back to my public school years as a young teenager in middle and high school, I can't remember a time where I got to fully express my creativity and innovative gifts, but instead being suppressed and forced to learn a curriculum bought out by corporate interests.  From what I can remember school was degenerative for my personal growth and personally I can’t remember one thing that is helping me where I am today from the public school system.  I vow to keep my children away from this nonsense as public schools are even more so corporately vested in the education of our youth. On another note, this past week we were able to innovate a new type of fertilization system for our orchards and gardens. Check out the video featuring Nature’s Roots Farm “Bags-O-FertiliTEA.” As we were cleaning out the deep bedding in our calf weaning barn, AKA compost factory, we stuffed all the manured bedding into reused burlap sacks that we have been able to acquire from Counter Culture Coffee out of Durham, NC.  In the middle of the bags we put a shovel of char from the fire pit and filled the remaining space with more manure bedding.  The manure and urine will charge the char and create biochar inside each bag.  We then placed the bags around the drip-lines of the apple trees.  My thought was with each rain event, the nutrients will leach out into the soil, fertilizing the root systems of each fruit tree in the orchard.  Then over time as the contents of each bag decompose, the organic matter will regenerate the humus layer of our soil.  This is all experimental but we are confident that the results will be nothing less than beneficial not only for the fruit trees but for the life in the soil.  Stay tuned for updates about our “Bags-O-Fertilitea” fertilization system.Other projects we have going on around the farm include continued garden design/development, new Idaho Pasture piglets coming to the farm this weekend and constant milling of wood.  We are grateful to have another WWOOFer at the farm for two weeks.  HIs name is Paul and he is visiting from UVA and interested in learning about sustainable agriculture.  We hope you all have a great week and look forward to seeing some of you for the Thursday delivery!

Angela Bowen

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