100% Grain-Free Pork!

May 6, 2019

Good day family, friends, and patrons of Nature’s Roots Farm.  It has been a fabulous Spring so far and everything around the farm is movin’ and shakin’.  The cows and calves are dancing majestically around the pastures, grazing everything in sight.  The apple and pear trees are loaded with fruits this year as well as our other young fruit trees, including cherries and mulberries.  The strawberries are in full swing and all the blueberry bushes are loaded down with berries as well with fruit to be harvested soon.  The gardens have been the most productive so far in our three years here in North Carolina.  We have been able to save so much money and time growing our own fruit and veggies this year that I am already planning our fall and winter crops. 

We are also working on land clearing, cutting paths for cattle and pig fencing and shaping up the forests to create a beautiful park like ecosystem that everyone can enjoy.  Along with all the wonderful progress around the property, we have been blessed to have a new apprentice to join our team about a month and a half ago learning the ropes and how to run a permaculture based livestock farm.  Please welcome Mr. Andrew Rosa to the team when you have the privilege to meet him in the future.  He will be assisting with the deliveries as well.

Along with our new apprentice Andrew, we are gearing up for this years pig group. We are excited to announce that we are going to be taking a different route to offer 100% grain-free pork.  We are going to invest in a new breed of pigs called Idaho Pasture Pigs.  These pigs sustain on 100% grass, hay and foraging.  This will allow us to focus on utilizing our by-products from the gardens and dairy-cows in order to supplement our pigs. We have had many customers in the past ask for grain-free pork so we are excited to be able to comply with these requests.  We have done a great deal of research and there are little to no farms in North Carolina offering a comparable product.

The primary difference in these pigs above and beyond the grain intake is that they will grow out slower and smaller.  Therefore, we are estimating that by Dec/Jan they will be about 200 lbs vs. the breed we had last year the grew out to about 280 lbs.  May 15th is our deadline for half and whole pig orders as we are getting the piglets at the end of this month.  Don’t forget to submit your half or whole pig deposit in order to secure your order as pigs are very limited.  Please note that as the processing weight will be less this year, the physical weight you will receive back will be smaller and your end price will be less as well.

Here at Nature’s Roots Farm we are working diligently to create a 100% sustainable closed loop food system implementing a myriad of permaculture and holistic agricultural principles.  Over the past three years we have felt that we have been working aimlessly on different random projects.  But all of the cycles that have been put into motion are now beginning to work interdependently in a closed loop system and we are excited to take Nature’s Roots Farm to the next level.  Be sure to stay tuned on our progress this season and make it a priority to come see what we are up to in Oxford.

Brian Bowen

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