Nature's Roots Farm is a diversified family farm centering its farming practices around holistic agroforestry, animal husbandry, and pasture management principles.
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Did you know that the farm also serves as an educational outreach for individuals of all ages to be equipped with the knowledge and support to start small farms and create local food markets?

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Latest Blog Post

February 13, 2017
The past couple of weeks have been a blast and I foresee the next two weeks to be just as great. So many awesome things are happening around right now. Willow is walking so good and learning so many things so fast it is really blowing our minds. We are still getting things cleared up and cleaned out around the property. We are slowly but steadily creating more silvopasture spaces for the cows to be able to graze while growing a tree crop either for the sawmill or for other integrated systems here on the farm. We finally start our select pine harvesting project in the back 30 acres in about a week and then our work load will increase quite a bit but there will be an amazing transformation here on the land. We are working towards a sustainable food producing oasis that will provide abundance for our community.

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February 16, 2017
This recipe is fun to make and it helps a little meat go a long way.

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